Episode 121


Welcome to Conference Season


The MSP Business School Team

Do you have a plan for when you are attending an event?  How do you maximize your time and ensure you meet as many people as possible when you are at a conference.

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About This Episode

In this episode, we talk about conference season and how attendees can maximize the opportunity to get the most value they can from the event

1:22: We open the discussion with how attendees can plan for an event and ensure they balance the education, networking, and plain old fun that can be had at these conferences.  We start the talk by looking at steps that can be taken as both owner and employee attendees.

2:40: Robb talks about owner attendees and some of the essential tasks they need to do and critical steps in pre-planning you can do. Maximize your time around new people and less with your existing relationships.  Tim talks about looking at the schedule and aligning your education with your role…and then reporting on what has been learned.

6:10: Brian suggests scheduling with people, as most conferences send you attendee lists ahead of the show.  Scheduling meetings help ensure you can talk to critical people that you want to meet new relationships.

13:04: Tim talks about attending pre-day and off-campus vendor-sponsored events, allowing you to network with a smaller group of people in an informal setting.

17:30: The conversation turns to post-show action items you need to do when you arrive back at the office.  Robb says you first need to take action on all the great things you learn at the show…and make sure you follow up.



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