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A podcast geared to Technology Service Providers where we bring you strategies and tactics to grow your business and build a winning culture.

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Brian Doyle, CEO vCIOToolbox and MSPEvolution


Brian spent nearly 20 years in the MSP industry owning his own shop, as a partner in a Regional Managed Data Center, and as a hired gun for a Mid-Market MSP.  Known for driving organizational and business development,  marketing strategy, and key account mangement principles, he serves as the MSP Business School’s Dean of Business Acceleration.

Tim McNeil, President OSR Manage


President and co-founder of OSR Manage, Tim has specialized in B2B sales his entire career, initially in the Insurance and Financial Planning industry, starting in the MSP industry in 2009. Tim’s expertise in sales is why he is the Dean of Business Acquisition.

Robb Rogers, CEO OSRManage 


CEO and co-founder of OSR Manage Robb is an expert in B2B sales, sales training & sales management. Prior to his 19 years in sales leadership roles in the pharmaceutical, automotive and MSP industries, Robb was an NCO in the elite 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army. His discipline and attention to detail helps him as the Dean of Client Management.

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Brett Jaffe


Businesses Built on a Better OS

The MSP Business School Team

Brett Jaffe – Businesses Built on a Better OS

Episode 68 Brett JaffeConnectStrat Businesses Built on a Better OS  Brett Jaffe of ConnectStrat is a name well known in the MSP industry. In this episode, Brett sits down with Brian and Robb to talk about how creating a business operating system unique to the MSP...

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