The subject of today’s podcast centers on the utilization of ChatGPT as an essential component of one’s sales process. 

00:54 Robb enthusiastically discusses how AI has the potential to be the next step in the development of the world. He then mentions how ChatGPT has been a valuable resource for him in multiple ways, including coding and stock trading, and expresses his amazement at its helpfulness.

2:47 Tim shares Robb’s viewpoint, as he has also noticed that an increasing number of his clients are using AI to develop and construct emails. They have found AI to be a useful resource for generating initial content and creating sustainable emails that can be incorporated into automation sequences.

5:50 Brian discussed his use of AI in conjunction with a virtual assistant (VA). He specifically mentioned using Jasper, an AI tool he believes is more focused on marketing. Brian provided an explanation of Jasper’s functions and described how he guides his VA in using it to achieve desired results that align with the company’s tone. 

9:42 Robb discussed the comparison between ChatGPT and Jasper, and Brian agreed that while the two AI systems share similarities, they have different applications. Brian also touched on the features of machine learning and AI present in both systems.

15:21 Brian expressed concern about the extent to which AI engines can learn and improve upon existing processes, and at what point they become aware that they are not learning for their own benefit. Tim agreed and acknowledged that Brian’s worry is valid, citing social media as an example. He mentioned the significant role AI plays in creating posts and generating feeds, which can be overwhelming

17:59 Tim explained his use of AI in marketing and sales, specifically in creating LinkedIn posts, email templates, and content. Robb added that he uses AI as a tool to change the tone of his writing and transform bullet points into readable paragraphs. Brian also chimed in, stating that he employs AI to enhance the quality of his writing and generate effective subject lines for email campaigns.


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