We are part of the PitchIT Program!

00:48 Brian provided a summary of the PitchIT program, explaining its nature and purpose. Robb supported Brian’s statement and shared his own experience of the program’s inaugural class. He expressed his excitement at witnessing the participation of prominent and reputable companies in the program.

03:22 Brian talks about the challenges of starting a new company.

4:30 Tim talks about how awesome it was to be part of the program and just being together with like-minded individuals really sets a different mood. 

06:18 Robb expresses his enthusiasm about the business assessment and reveals his surprise at receiving a low score, despite believing that he maintained a reasonably healthy work-life balance. Adding to the conversation, Brian shares that his score was low on the “strategy” aspect.

11:17 Brian urges other vendors who are listening to the podcast to join or perhaps listen to others in the program. He also highlighted that this also a great opportunity to network as well. 

12:59 Robb encourages everyone to tune in to the ConnectWise LinkedIn page to learn more about clever business and good ideas related to the program.


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