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0:28 Brian kicks off the podcast by talking about the business canvas model. He talks about its advantages and how it can open great opportunities in the IT industry.

3:04 Brian starts introducing today’s agenda and gives a brief description of what to do to dive into today’s topic effectively. He starts presenting the business canvas model and discusses the different columns. 

6:52 Robb shares his understanding of the value proposition. He says that when the company has new products or services, they always make it a priority to ask clients what they are trying to solve or what services they need that you can offer. Robb points out that it starts with stories of successes and failures. 

11:39 Tim suggests that revenue size should also be considered under Customer Segments. He mentions that the revenue size of clients you bring in is critical. He also noted that mid-size companies are large enough to understand how technology works for them. 

19:22 Robb discusses Channels. He gives emphasis not only on understanding the channels but how it relates to your budget.

26:44 Brian gives voice to the question, “How do we use?” He explains how using a business model could help a company immensely. Robb adds his thoughts on the partnership side. He said that a few years back partnerships were all transactional, however, when covid hit many companies suffered losses yet were saved due to having a close partnership. He ends his discussion with an encouraging note – be a person that has a great relationship with the partners/vendors and not just transactional because there’s gonna come a time when they’ll give you a referral or they’re gonna help you when you are having an issue.


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