Episode 28

Peter Strahan, Lantech, “Sometimes it takes a fire!”


Peter Strahan Lantech
Managed Sales Pros

Peter Strahan is the Managing Director for Lantech located Dublin, Ireland. 

Peter shares with us a story of a disaster in the form of a fire that hit his customer’s building and how in that moment Lantech’s unseen value came front and center.

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Brian Doyle

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Peter Strahan

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About This Episode

Peter Strahan launched Lantech about 10 years ago to serve as the premier IT Solutions Provider serving the Dublin area.  With a strong customer fiirst-focus Lantech rooted in his history working within the hospitality industry. This helped their client base see the little details that others often overlook in an IT relationship.

Peter starts the discussion around how he got started and how quickly it became obvious that he needed to build a team to build the business and reach the goals that he set forth for the company.  Since that time his focus has been on the business itself and how to grow and expand the business.

His pivotal moment was meeting with a consultant who asked him a very simple question, “What is your number?”.  With no reply, Peter made sure that he figured that out quickly and never let that questiosn go unanswered again.

An amazing story that helped shape Lantech was an incident that had impacted a key client. The client had acquired a location to serve as its new location and spent over a year in renovations.  A month after move in Peter received a call that there had been a fire in the building.

With end to end montioring Peter’s team could see the disaster as it occured.  They invoked the DR plan and were able to pay 2,000 people the next day.





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