We’re thrilled to have Peter Duflo, join us for an incredible episode. This one is jam-packed with useful information, tidbits, and challenges for anyone thinking about building a leadership team.

2:44 – Peter kicks off the call with his background as an MSP leader who has sat on both sides of the M&A event over his early career.  His experiences led him to realizing that many MSP’s needed guidance on the M&A process.  This led him to do some M&A work.  In 2008 when the firesales started, he moved into helping MSP’s in finding key talent.

5:36 – Brian kicks off a discussion on why an MSP need recruiters and how it can help accelerate company growth.  Peter shares his model that helps focus MSP’s on bringing on key leadership talent when their MSP exceeds $5M in revenue.

10:50 – Tim drives the conversation of the new remote business models and how that plays into recruiting leadership.  Peter shares his experience on executive teams and remote work and the feasibility of a mixed executive team.  This conversation transitions on where to find these resources.

17:57 – The call shifts to culture and how feeling like part of the team and helping the greater good for society are key critieria that is driving a lot of the leadership movement.

19:40 – Conversation turns to search timelines. How long does an executive search take and Peter shares some amazing numbers around hiring timelines.

Check out this episode!