Episode 25

Jeff Grande and Mike Paone, TBNG Consulting “Building an MSP from 2 to 50 and what we learned along the way”


Jeff grande
Mike Paone

Jeff and Mike joined forces to launch TBNG Consulting and have grown the organziation to a staff of 50.  They share how to grow a successful MSP you need to constantly look to improve, hire to your weaknesses, and sometimes check your ego at the door.

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Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Jeff Grande
Mike Paone
TBNG Consulting

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About This Episode

Jeff Grande and Mike Paone launched TBNG Consulting started their company as many MSP’s have, bootstrapping the business while working full-time jobs, in their caae from different states.  They accelerated the growth through grit and determination knocking on neighborhood doors and working evenings to kick off the company.

One growth hack that they learned was truly engaging the channel and making investments to become the local leader in newer channel entrants and building long term relationships.  Mike shares how he grew those relationships, but does add you “have to sleep with one eye open”. n It is also about having clear boundaries with the vendor on what they are willing to sell.

In sharing how they grew TBNG Jeff shares that no growth comes without peril.  IT was a constant reinvestment into the business and hiring quality people that they trusted then helping them learn their role.

They also talked about understanding where your deficiencies personally are.  In 2012 they reflected on their business growth and while growth has been steady they needed to accelerate growth to make the business what they wanted it to be.

They looked into the family and brought Jeff’s brother Michael into the team so they could focus on growing the business while Michael who runs the administrative side of the business so Mike and Jeff can continue to build the sales team. It was a big transition and came with swallowing some ego along the way, but it has extremely accelerated growth.






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