Jacob has 25 years of experience in managed IT and cybersecurity services and has participated in multiple startups, acquisitions, and successful exits with experience from company formation through exit and integration. Jacob was Co-Founder and CEO of Proactive Technologies, where he led revenue growth to over $10M per year with an owner-led sales model until Proactive’s acquisition by Abacus Group. Jacob currently works with MSPs to help them optimize owner-led sales and lay the groundwork to make dedicated sales professionals successful.

In this episode, they talked about Maximizing your Centers of Influence.

2:23 – Jacob tells how he stumbled into the managed services industry. He did not begin as an IT professional, and he recalls beginning to work in it shortly after graduating from college. 25 years later, he reflects on his generation’s lack of IT degrees and notes that it is frequently the profession of the intelligent but unprepared.

11:04 – Tim believes that teaching customers that no one is perfect is one of the most crucial aspects of the sales cycle. You go and try to sell your product or service, whether you’re an MSP or simply a little firm. People must be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

12:06 – Robb’s question is answered by Jacob. He noted that when they first started the business, their intention was not to be labeled as a financially minded MSP. We wanted to be all things to all people.

14:29 – Brian adds a comment in response to what Jacob stated. He stated that if you can cut through all the minutia and get to the subject the way people see it.

17:28 – Jacob explained that they had finally received their first lead, which he declined. They went through the sales procedure and were selected as finalists. It turned out to be quite difficult to turn down the lead, but what it did is that he always looked at his right leads can come and go.

21:50 – “Did you have a big sales department? Did you have a giant marketing department to get all these hedge funds? How did that work for you?” Robb asks Jacob. 

26:26 – Brian said it’s fantastic to have it so well set out and know and stay under control while he does that because obviously there’s that part of us that just wants to keep hitting the accelerator when sales start flowing in, but they do get to look at it objectively from the other side.

27:23 – Tim claims that because you worked in a field where people tended to come and go quickly, spending time with them after they left was wonderful because they were either going to move on to something else, catch on, or advance in status wherever they went.

28:12 – Brian wraps up the show with a recap. When going through this, he really thought about developing your center of influence, getting those people on board, and really making sure you’re treating the people that are closest to you.

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