Episode 112

Hartland Ross
eBridge Marketing & The Host Broker

MSP M&A Strategies for the Masses

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Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
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Hartland Ross shares a different perspective on M&A and shares his insights after dozens of transactions of how privately funded events are created and executed.

About This Episode

We’re thrilled to have Hartland Ross, join us for an incredible episode. This one is jam-packed with useful information, tidbits, and challenges for anyone thinking about a future M&A transaction.

2:03 – Hartland kicks off the episode telling us about his journey into MSP marketing and the world of M&A. He shares with us how in supporting his marketing clients, MSP’s would ask him about his customers and their M&A experiences.  The lightbulb went off, there was a need for M&A support that needed to be filled.

4:45 – Brian shares that he had heard at the time of recording their was 600+ M&A transactions in 2022…Hartland shares that that number might be just the tip of the iceberg.   He then shares why many transactions fall under the radar.

11:27 – Robb asks about the process and timelines that are often associated with completing a deal and after Hartland shares his views, the discussion turns to what drives the seller to put their company on the market.

17:25 – The crew then moves into a discussion of what challenges can arise between the buyers and the sellers.  Some of the reasons a deal can fall through may shock you.  

20:45 – We talk a bit more about the M&A timelines, drivers, and transition steps and close with what to do if you are interested in buying or selling.


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