Episode 126

Brian Scott,

ClearTone Consulting

A former CISOs perspective on the vCISO role

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In this episode, we discuss how the Evolve peer groups help provide MSPs with the resources and mentorship to get to the next level and maximize their exit when the time comes.

About This Episode

Brian Scott from ClearTone Consulting joins us today at MSP Business School. Brian is the President and the CIO of ClearTone Consulting.

2:42 The guest, Brian Scott, introduces himself and answers the questions on how he ended up being a service provider from being an electrical engineer. He also mentions how and why he started working as a consultant. 

5:52 Brian shares how MSPs are now educated enough to see things such as cyber liability insurance. 

8:28 Scott talks about educating the companies about the needs and criticality of security risks as he observed that there are still many executives that don’t pay attention to these things.

9:26 Robb clarifies Scott if he means that the most important piece of his consulting business is education and having the people understand their risk assessment. Brian S. answers that even having risk assessments, executives don’t really understand its meaning that’s why educating them is really very important.

13:00 Scott discusses how important it is for heads of an organization not just to understand but also to have the mandate to ensure continuous improvement. He also adds that you need to have support from HR, staff, and executives to be successful. 

14:43 Tim dives into the conversation asking Scott about failure rates and how long it takes for clients to realize that there should be changes to do.

19:43 Scott talks about having a security mindset and says that we are in a curve where people are just beginning to understand and pay attention to security-related matters. He adds that it gradually changes each year but is the new workspace norm we live in. 

22:45 Scott shares about 510CISO, how it works, and what it provides. Brian adds how critical it is to have an accountability partner and why it’s important to establish the culture to make it successful. 



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