Episode 2

What can Sales Managers do to Keep Staff Sharp

How to keep your team motivated and engaged during this crisis and how to hit the ground running when the market returns to work.

Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

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About This Episode

The Dean’s discuss the global condition of MSP sales teams during the COVID-19 crisis. Are they laying off staff? If not, what tasks are sales team taking as companies assess post-COVID damage.

We discuss what steps sales managers can take to keep their sales team engaged during this slow period and ready to execute when life returns to the “new normal”.

Robb speaks about some of the tactics he is seeing MSP’s use during this crisis.  He notes that is is a great time to both show empathy and gather business intelligence from your clients and it is helping build a stronger relationship.

We discuss how many MSP’s are not taking steps to accelerate sales when the crisis is over and too many are choosing sales people as the resources to cut to reduce payroll. This also will create a buyers market for many MSP’s post-crisis.

A surprising trend is by shifting the conversation to empathy with our clients, sales rep time on call is increasing as their clients are more open to discuss their current situation freely.

Brian talks about if there is any selling going on right now and the answer is yes.  MSP’s are seeing increases in technologies supporting WFH and Cybersecurity. 

Robb discusses some interesting approach models to drive stalled projects and make their employees happy.




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