Episode 85

Walter Contreras
Binox MSP

With Information, There Is (Sales) Power


by | Jan 18, 2022 | Sales

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The CEO of Binox MSP, Walter Contreras’ focus is helping MSPs grow quickly through lead generation and marketing automation technology.

About This Episode

Walter Contreras is a technologist, entrepreneur, and marketer whose current focus is helping MSPs grow quickly through lead generation and marketing automation technology.

In this episode of MSP Business School, Walter sits down with Brian, Tim, and Robb to discuss the changing landscape of sales and how technology and automation can help MSPs through some of the more difficult parts of the sales process.

2:17 – Walter starts us off with a brief background of how he got started in the MSP community and how he fell in love with helping people in the early days of computing.

4:36 – Walter talks about the difficulty in transitioning from a technology-based person into a salesperson, and briefly shares how Binox assists with a major pain point in the sales process. He explains the difference between a machine-verified lead and one that’s been verified and updated by a human.

9:04 – The hosts discuss the benefits of automating the prospecting process and properly equipping your salesperson with tools to help them succeed. Walter further explains the Binox process, sharing how they can save MSPs hours of wasted time chasing outdated leads.

15:22 – Walter and the hosts touch briefly on how Covid has accelerated the innovation and adoption of technology far beyond what anyone could have predicted. They stress that MSPs need to embrace the changes in technology when it comes to their sales processes in order to survive.

17:26 – Brian asks Walter to elaborate on the changing role of today’s salesperson. They note that the expectation currently is to make a connection and establish a relationship with a prospect before the pitch. Tim chimes in with the reminder that the pursuit of perfection often gets in the way of closing the deal.

23:32 – Walter and Robb close with a summary of the top takeaways from the episode, leaving listeners with the reminder that MSPs are service-based companies: the more people you reach through sales and marketing channels, the more people you can help.



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