Episode 113

Special Episode

Introducing SalesMaturIT

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Sales

The MSP Business School Team
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A Collaboration between
OSR Manage and vCIOToolbox

Sales MaturIT is a collaboration between OSR Manage and vCIOToolbox to provide a self-service, guided, sales development platform for MSP’s and MSSP’s/

About This Episode

In this very special episode we introduce to the MSP industry our new Sales Development Platform entitled Sales MaturIT.  This new platform allows MSP’s and MSSP’s to evaluate their current Sales Maturity Level (SML) and create a guided, self-paced patch to reaching their sales goals.

The platform is geared to meet service providers at that stage their sales team currently resides.  Our approach takes you from the early stages of sales, typically owner led, and guides you through activities and strategies to help you grow sales both in velocity and revenue growth.

It starts with a self-assessment, allowing you to self evaluate the current state of your sales process.  That assessment will allow Sales MaturIT to create a customized training roadmap for your organization.

In this system you can also track your sales financial picture.  Insert a minimum of your last four quarters of sales data and then head to our goals plan, where you can modify growth indicators like customer count, MRR, and contract value to build a sales plan to meet your long term goals.

Sales MaturIT serves as a virtual coach, helping you grow your business and stay on track.



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