Episode 6

Social Media Strategy with Jason Moss

Jason and Brian discuss how to leverage social media as a marketing channel.  The key word is social as the conversation focuses around being human, authentic, and giving in Social Media to build relationships that convert.


Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Jason Moss, Director of Marketing, Allied Communications

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About This Episode


In this episode we have a special guest filling in for Robb and Tim.  Jason Moss, Director of Marketing at Allied Communications, shares with us the tips and tactics he has employed to grow the Allied following by nearly 600% in seven months on the job.

We begin with a discussion on strategy and the approach model Jason leverages when creating content for the team and when he is posting directly.  We talk about the first step is to engage.  Early in a social media strategy, commenting and engaging is often more important that posting in raising brad awareness and demonstrating thought leadership.

Jason then dives into how you can train many social media algorithms on the content you prefer and the contacts you want to see most often.

We talk content creation and how to find ways to engage people without “post fatigue”.  As we move through the COVID crisis you can see how people are just growing tired of the pandemic rhetoric, work from home strategies and regurgitated posts on new widely known . 

We can fight this issue through sharing personal experiences, talking about your company culture and finding entertaining ways to develop your content. Drive intimate experiences vs. a firehouse of news articles or service offerings.

We close with tools you can use at little or no cost to build your social media marketing and look spectacular doing it.


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