Episode 153


Sales War Stories

Unfortunate tales from

the Frontline


by | May 9, 2023 | Sales

The MSP Business School Team

Today’s podcast focuses on the personal stories and experiences of the hosts, which they have accumulated over their years of work, and helped them face life’s challenges and triumphs. 

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About This Episode

1:27 Robb began to recount his personal experience during his time working in pharmaceutical sales. While he was explaining the necessary pharmaceutical information to a cardiac surgeon and their team, the surgeon abruptly interrupted and dismissed him by saying “I don’t talk to sales rep cheat suits!”.

3:15 Brian recalled the past when he used to work and how important it was to wear formal attire such as suits and ties. He mentioned how Robb had to wear inexpensive suits and he can totally relate because when he was starting as a sales representative, the clothing budget is not just enough. Tim added his own experience and Brian agreed that there were unreasonable dress requirements in the past.

6:28 Talking about working in life insurance, Brian talked about his internship during college. He shared his crazy experience and how he realized working in the field is not really for him.

9:20 Sharing his experience about his first job, Robb talked about how he worked in a shoe store under the lady’s shoes department. He shared how he made his first sell assisting and pleasing a young lady, However, after making the sale he gave it to another assistant, went for lunch, and never came back. He realized he can’t fathom the work.

15:03 During a conversation, Robb inquired about Brian’s initial employment, and he mentioned it was washing dishes. Brian also noted that he worked there unofficially and later transitioned to selling shoes when he reached the appropriate age. Robb then disclosed his first job, which was mowing lawns in his neighborhood. When Tim shared that his initial job was as a Service Representative, Brian and Robb playfully teased him because they never expected their first jobs to involve wearing suits and working with managers.

19:01 Robb shared that his favorite job is being a bartender. He explained that he gained various skills through interacting with diverse individuals. Brian pointed out that one of the advantages is developing patience, to which Robb genially concurred.

19:50 Brian shared the two lessons he learned from his experiences: a.) You got to seize opportunities where opportunities live b.) Don’t let anybody rattle you or lose your composure. 

23:05 In Robb’s ‘cheap suit’ story, he realized – Learn to be thick-skinned. He expanded that what happened to him was really unforgettable and rude but he thought to himself that “I am better off than he is. I only had to be around him for three minutes but he has to be around himself for the rest of his life, so I win”.


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