Episode 45

Special Episode

“Building a Post-Pandemic Sales Team”


by | Mar 30, 2021 | Sales

The MSP Business School Team

Robb and Tim joined Brian on this month’s VCIOToolbox Learning Series event. 

We are sharing this extra special episode of MSP Business School with you as the team goes in depth on what steps you can do to come out of this pandemic, ready to adapt the new realities facing sales teams, and kick 2021 into overdrive.


Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

Brian Doyle

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About This Episode

Prospecting changed dramatically when the pandemic upended our lives and sent most of us to home offices. While sales meetings have been conducted almost exclusively virtually for the past year, this will soon be behind us (hopefully), and a new sales model will emerge. Are you ready?

For this special episode of MSP Business School, your hosts Brian Doyle, Robb Rogers, and Tim McNeil discuss the future of sales as a part of vCIOToolbox’s monthly learning webinar series.

Robb and Tim talk about the strategies they’re beginning to employ with their teams at OSR and the changes that sales teams should be expecting. They share the steps that every MSP should consider in order to set their teams up for long term success.

6:51 – Tim and Robb share their expectations for sales post-Covid. They talk about their experiences in sales pre-Covid and how those were changed during the pandemic, both positively and negatively. They also discuss which Covid-era practices they see sticking around.

14:53 – Brian, Tim, and Robb talk about the benefits of tools such as email campaigns and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and how they’re being used differently today than they were a year ago. They discuss how to employ LinkedIn most successfully and how they see it continuing to be useful in the upcoming land grab.

29:26 – Tim and Robb go into the differences between how virtual meetings and onsite meetings were viewed pre-pandemic versus now. They dive into how the expectations have shifted and where they see the trend going.

38:50 – Robb and Tim remind us of the importance of building stories around your MSP, giving us excellent examples on how to do that effectively.

47:35 – Robb and Tim tackle questions from an audience member about virtual events and how to implement them, and also about how to effectively use business groups to grow your network.


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