Episode 46

Virtual Roundtable Discussion “Prospecting in a Post-Pandemic Climate”


by | Apr 6, 2021 | Sales

The MSP Business School Team

AS a follow up to our Special Edition episode last week and at the request of our listeners, this week’s epsiode focuses on how to generate business and prospect in a post-pandemic marketplace.

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About This Episode

This episode of MSP Business School serves as a follow up to last week’s Special Edition episode (episode 45).

A few weeks ago, Robb and Tim joined Brian for his monthly learning series at vCIOToolbox to talk about the future of sales in a post-pandemic world. In this episode, the guys answer some follow up questions that came from that webinar and dive deeper into a few important sales topics they come across on a regular basis. 

1:31 – Brian asks Robb and Tim about the tactics they use to actually get prospects on the phone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s become more and more challenging to lock down a prospecting call, and the hosts share two excellent strategies they employ regularly. They also lay out how to stay top-of-mind as a salesperson without getting annoying. 

 6:44 – The hosts share LinkedIn best practices, as well as how not to approach new connections. Tim describes his daily LinkedIn routine, and Brian reminds us not to go for the sale too quickly, and that if you want to be a “thought leader” you have to actually contribute. 

 11:48 – The guys break down how to create a successful virtual MSP proposal. They discuss the dos and don’ts, and stress how important it is to check in far more often during the presentation than you would during an on-site proposal. Tim reminds us that Zoom is a visual medium and that the images you create and use are incredibly important. 

 20:40 – Brian asks Tim and Robb when they suggest a sales rep should stop pursuing a prospect. Tim shares his metrics, and Robb covers the proposal side. They compare their follow up strategies, and Tim tells a story about one email he received years ago that he still remembers and employs to this day. 

 We wrap up the episode with a reminder that all of this is going to shift and change over the next two to three quarters as Covid restrictions are lifted and conferences start back up. 


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