Episode 4

How to Build Amazing Sales Teams

Technical leaders can often make sales hiring mistakes.  In this episode we discuss how to set realistic expectations, build a sales process, and hire right so you can reduce the amount of bad sales hires.

Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

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About This Episode

In this episode we discuss our the various sales approaches in use at MSP’s and MSSP’s today.  These include owner-led, inside/outside sales team, and hybrid sales models.  Robb discusses the realistic expectations for bringing on your first sales person and what support a new MSP Sales Rep will require.

We then discuss how to transition from a word of mouth and refer sales organization and move into a true prospecting led sales engine.  Robb dives into how one of the biggest things that OSR Manage teaches owners making their first sales hire is patience.

We also identify one of the easiest things to fix in your sales team, improving follow up and staying in touch and driving sales through a pleasantly persistent approach to sales.

MSP’s also need to understand and develop sales metrics.  If you don’t have a measurable plan your sales hire will fail.  Develop your process before making that first hire.

We close the meeting with how to interview and hire those resources and tactics to weed out the ‘big talkers’ and identify the producers.


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