Episode 18

Jon Rees, Allied Communications
“How UCaaS and CCaaS Can Be a Tool for Success in our New Working Conditions”


Jon Rees, Allied Communications

Jon Rees is the Head of Technology for Allied Communications a TSP based in West Haven, CT. 

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by | Aug 9, 2020 | Sales


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Jon Rees, Allied Communications

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About This Episode

Jon Rees joins us today on MSP Business School.  Jon is the Head of Technologies for Allied Communications, a Communications focused service provider with a large focus on the Casino and Gaming industry. In fact, they are the provider for 37% of the Las Vegas strip and 60% of Atlantic City.

Today we discuss how to approach the enterprise space with a solutions focused approach. How once you crack the first enterprise account, you have to work your relationship to help guide you to the next enterprise opportunity.

We shift gears to solutions to drive the remote workforce. Jon explains how UCaaS and CCaaS can simplify customer interactions in a world of expanding remote workforce.  We talk about customer experience and how that can make or break a relationship.

Jon tells us where contact centers can enhance the experience and client support.  It can also help managers keep tabs, especially when your team is geographically dispersed.






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