Episode 102

Frank DeBenedetto
Two River Technology Group & audIT

Get to the Why

by | May 17, 2022 | Sales

Kevin Clune, MSP Growth Hacks
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You have incredible products and services, but if your customers don’t understand why they’re important or how they impact the bottom line, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment

About This Episode

Frank DeBenedetto has the fascinating perspective of being both an MSP owner and a vendor. We dive in with him about the incredible service he provides through audIT and how it came out of a specific need in his own MSP, Two River Technology Group.

1:59 – Frank’s journey to the MSP industry began when he started offering managed services to clients of the financial services company he worked for before he even knew there was such a thing as managed services. He shares how audIT grew out of a personal need he had for his own MSP.

4:03 – Brian takes some time to talk about the products and services offered by audIT, and Frank shares that the overarching reason for audIT is to elevate the quality of IT available to SMBs. They discuss the importance of guiding the customer to the reason behind the sales pitch.

8:41 – Robb talks about why it’s easy for prospects and clients to say no based on cost. Frank dives into the concept of “gap selling” and how to use that to show clients and prospects why they need the products and services that you offer. They discuss the difference between showing a prospect a bunch of data and showing them the analysis of the data.

13:36 – Brian shares the difficulty he sees in tech-focused people trying to look beyond the technology and see the customer’s business needs. Frank further explains how audIT helps put the prospect’s business needs at the forefront so that the technology is seen as a support factor in helping them reach their goals.

19:17 – Brian asks Frank to shift back to his MSP and share a pivotal moment in the development of his business. Frank tells the story of how being ahead of the curve made his MSP poised and ready to migrate to cloud services when disaster struck. 

24:54 – The hosts and Frank share closing thoughts about being prepared, staying ahead of the game, and helping your customers understand why you sell them the products and services that you offer.


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