Episode 73

Fireside Chat with Brian and Robb

When Buyers are Liars


by | Oct 19, 2021 | Sales

Brian Doyle vCIOToolbox MSPEvolution MSP Business School
Robb Rogers OSR Manage

Hosts Brian Doyle and Robb Rogers sit down for a fireside chat about the differences between an engaged and disengaged prospect, and how to spot when a potential buyer is a liar.

About This Episode

What do you do when you find yourself being strung along in the sales process? Do you know how to determine whether a prospect is simply dragging their feet or is actually lying to you about why they’re on the hunt for a proposal? In this episode, hosts Brian Doyle and Robb Rogers sit down for a fireside chat about how to know when it’s time to let go of a potential client and stop wasting your time chasing them down.

1:02 – Robb and Brian swap stories about their experiences from early in their careers, sharing how difficult it is as a less mature salesperson to know certain things like when to let go of a prospect, how to read people, and how to recognize the signs of someone who’s playing you.

3:20 – Robb shares several indicators that tell you it’s time to question whether the buyer is actually interested. He stresses that total agreement isn’t a positive sign during a sales call, stating that if you don’t know the red flags you should be looking for, you’ll waste a lot of time and other potential opportunities chasing after something that was never yours to begin with. Brian joins in on how to force prospects into engagement, and they remind listeners that the prospect doesn’t know their pain points unless you lead them to discovery.

10:25 – Robb and Brian discuss the differences between a disengaged prospect and one who is actively lying. They dive into scenarios where you are clearly wasting your time, and share their thoughts about when it’s time to cut bait and let a lead go.

16:35 – Robb shares the importance of determining whether a meeting is a review process or an issue process, and the tactics to use with influencers to try and get to a meeting with decision makers.

20:45 – Brian and Robb urge listeners to find examples of break-up conversations online so they’re prepared in a buyer-is-a-liar situation.


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