Episode 105

Eric Weber

Show Up and Be Consistent

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Sales

Kevin Clune, MSP Growth Hacks
Focus Investment Banking w

Eric Weber of Mindmatrix demonstrates how showing up, being consistent, and giving it your all in everything you do leads you to exactly where you should be

About This Episode

The Director of Sales for the MSP Advantage program at Mindmatrix, Eric Weber led an interesting and diverse life before joining the MSP industry. His journey serves as a reminder to show up, be consistent, and give it your all in everything you do, because eventually you’ll end up in the right place and just exactly where you should be.

1:26 – Eric starts us off by sharing the winding road that eventually brought him to the MSP industry, telling listeners that everyone finds themselves where they’re meant to be, even if it takes a few twists and turns to get there.

4:02 – Brian asks Eric to share the experiences from his previous jobs that translated into the MSP space. Eric breaks down how different industries have their own versions of a sales funnel, even if it isn’t recognized as being one. Robb asks Eric to share a bit more about his time selling financial services.

9:14 – Eric dives into Mindmatrix and how they support MSPs through the MSP Advantage program. He also shares how he became successful at Mindmatrix through a glorified appointment setting position. Tim jumps in with the importance of laying a solid foundation in your sales pipeline.

16:03 – Robb asks Eric to talk about his role at Mindmatrix and how he’s helped to shape the platform. Eric talks about the importance of being heard and appreciated in the workplace.

19:22 – In response to Brian’s question about a pivotal moment in his career, Eric shares about a trade show experience that blew his mind and expanded his understanding of what’s possible in the industry. Eric and the hosts end by reminding listeners that no resume is built the same, and that it’s easier to teach someone an industry than to teach them how to relate to people.


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