Episode 11

Breaking Down the Sales Prospecting Process

Cold calling and prospecting is the toughest job a sales person has.  To build a solid sales funnel and maximize your earnings you need to have a defined process for prospecting and we will share one with you.

Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

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About This Episode

Today’s we break down the prospecting process, how to get organized, focused, and targeted in your plan.

Robb kicks off the conversation with the concept of the Dream 250, a process OSR Manage and their sales teams live by.  This process helps you get laser focused and find those valued relationships each sales rep requires.

Tim discusses tactics to get to those target prospects.  We dive into a multi-channel approach to sales prospecting and using cold-calls as intelligence gathering.  It’s not easy to get to your best prospects and the process helps you make each step a valuable exercise on the way to engaging your target.

We then engage on how to qualify MSP clients so prospecting time is not wasted on low value targets.  We discuss the information you need to obtain and when to cut a prospect loose.

We also address the common sales gripe, “the leads are no good and I don’t have enough”.  The truth is not the leads, but your approach and mindset will really dictate success.  Most reps give up on a lead to early and we discuss what the proper expectation should be (psst….its not 3 calls).





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