Episode 21

Todd Whitley, Brightwire Networks
“If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying!”


Todd Whitley Brightwire Networks

Todd runs an IT Service Provider, Brightwire Networks, based out of Olympia, WA.  We speak about the cycles, both up and down, that MSP’s experience during their lifespan and how a growth mindset drives success.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Todd Whitley,Brightwire Networks

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About This Episode

Today’s Interview Series guest is Todd Whitley, CEO and Partner for Brightwire Networks.  Brightwire started as the traditional owner-led sales organization, and has since completed the transition to a mature sales team.  Todd sees 5-year business cycles within his business.  They key is being adaptable and focusing on growth.

A key to Brightwire’s success is building trust with clients and the sales team to drive the sales relationship. We talk about the responsibilities an MSP and its ownership has to  supporting staff, clients, family and community.

One of the biggest challenges Brightwire faces is the pace of change within the technology sector and helping the team keep up with new tech.  Todd explains that Brightwire’s mentality as a Business first service provider has given them the ability to control the pace of new technology and when their clients will implement new services.

Through consultative advice, business alignment, and strong client relationships, Brightwire is not forced to allow technology to rule the team.

To keep morale with the team, Brightwire doesn’t become a slave to their customer. He encourages MSP’s develop a process to support your team, leverage business conversation to keep the customer focused, and this drives successful digital transformation. This is critical to a strong, partner relationship with each client.







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