Episode 90


Recruiting Salespeople in 2022


The MSP Business School Team

Recruiting has been difficult for nearly every role in nearly every industry for the past few months. How are MSPs expected to find salespeople in this climate?

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About This Episode

For this special roundtable of MSP Business School, hosts Brian, Tim, and Robb tackle one of the most difficult challenges MSP owners are facing today: finding, recruiting, and hiring salespeople.

2:23 – The hosts start off by admitting that recruitment is currently the craziest they’ve ever seen. Tim shares what he believes is the biggest thing MSP owners need to have when looking for a salesperson in today’s climate, stressing that it’s important to have a plan but be flexible.

5:53 – Brian, Tim, and Robb discuss the challenges of managing a remote salesperson, particularly in the MSP industry where that area of your company is most likely a department of one. Brian shares examples of his time as a salesperson to illustrate the elements that are sorely lacking in the remote sales experience.

10:08 – Robb dives into what MSP owners need to be prepared to share with a potential sales rep in order to win them over and what differentiates the owners who are getting the good reps from those who aren’t.

16:38 – Tim and Robb unpack how to make sure that the rep you’re interviewing is actually a good candidate and isn’t just someone who can sell themselves well. They explain the types of qualities they look for and what MSP owners can do to verify a potential hire’s background and fit.

20:17 – The hosts discuss the many different verticals outside of tech where they look for potential reps.

26:19 – Brian asks Tim and Robb to share the signs that it’s time to stop interviewing a candidate and move on from them. Robb lets listeners in on his secret weapon question that he brings up in every interview process. Tim reminds owners that their salesperson is most likely going to have a different personality type than they do.


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