Episode 94


Presenting an Offer to a Sales Candidate


The MSP Business School Team

Brian, Tim, and Robb break down everything you need to present a job offer to a sales candidate: compensation plans, bonus structures, and the presentation itself.

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About This Episode

In a previous episode, Brian, Tim, and Robb discussed how to find and recruit MSP salespeople in today’s market. Now that you’ve found the perfect rep, how do you present a job offer to them? And before you do that, how do you put together a competitive compensation plan that makes them want to work for you?

In this episode, the hosts continue their roundtable discussion about hiring salespeople by diving into compensation plans, bonuses, and the right way to present a job offer.

1:08 – Tim and Robb start us off by breaking down the three pronged compensation plan they use with their clients. They describe their approach to keeping reps engaged and encouraged, including the structure they use to allow their salespeople to get a win every month, even new reps. Tim also explains how their system allows owners and sales managers to identify and address red flags early.

6:05 – Robb shares how to incentivize what you want to get out of your reps. They also discuss how to handle company generated leads in a way that feels fair to the rep but also doesn’t break the bank.

8:51 – Brian asks Robb and Tim the best way to present an offer to a sales candidate. They share the uncomfortable conversations you want to have when presenting a job offer, including any expectations and opportunities the rep should know about.

13:47 – Robb and Tim share a few more tips around compensation plans and bonuses, particularly when you’re adding a second or third (or fourth!) salesperson. They discuss how to foster teamwork within the group in a way that benefits the company and the entire sales team.

16:26 – Brian asks Robb and Tim to explain how they determine what bonuses should be. Tim reminds listeners that even the best salespeople have bad months, so focusing on quarters is the way to go.


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