Episode 149


Perfecting the Art of the

Sales One on One


The MSP Business School Team

Perfecting the art of sales one-on-one means having the right attitude, setting achievable expectations, and always being prepared with relevant information. 

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About This Episode

In this episode, the team digs deeper into sales and how to effectively manage one-on-one with your sales reps.

2:21 Robb starts discussing his ideas about sales one on one. He says that one important aspect that owners miss is having a head check. He points out that it is essential to start the week by asking your sales persons how they were and if there were anything they would like to talk about. In this manner, you are understanding your sales reps before you are understood.

6:44 Robb continues saying that it should always be the reps that have to bring in the numbers and the report, and not the manager. Brian agrees with Robb’s point as the reps are the ones responsible in bring in people to the business. Tim expands the discussion by specifying that when choosing reps, you want somebody who is money-driven and someone who knows exactly what they were doing. 

10:30 As Brian talks about reps fluffing their reports and numbers, Robb provided two easy ways to recognize if the reps are fluffing – a) the 8-6-4-1 rule and b) if they keep talking about the one deal they are working on. He expounds that these two methods have been of great help in identifying red flags.

14:55 The third step in perfecting sales one-on-one according to Robb is having built-in steps for the next six weeks. He emphasized that if there are no steps shown, you are going to start from square one as it is already considered a lost deal. He also added that aside from weekly meetings, it is also necessary to meet monthly to talk about quarterly rocks – how to improve the reps long term and how to get them to the next position in the company.

17:04 Tim added that one-on-one meetings with sales reps are different from one-on-one meetings with engineers or tech people. Salespeople got different personality types, they may like to talk and banter, so you ought to be prepared for the difference in the conversation. Robb joins in the topic, sharing his idea that it is significant to talk about their wins or losses however it is as equally as important to talk about how did they get to that win or loss. This is to figure out which aspects you can coach and have them supported.

19:20 Brian gives a recap of all the key points talked about during the discussion. 


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