Episode 97


Better Sales Forecasting: Fill or Kill

The MSP Business School Team

Brian, Tim, and Robb sit down to discuss how MSP owners can help their salespeople create healthy pipelines.

About This Episode

As a business owner, you need to be able to estimate what your sales are going to be in the near and distant future. But if your sales reps aren’t clearing stale deals out of their pipelines, how will you be able to make an accurate forecast?

In this episode, Brian, Tim, and Robb sit down for a discussion on how you as the owner can help your salespeople create healthy pipelines and actually close more deals in the long run.

1:18 – Brian, Tim, and Robb start off by sharing why a smaller, higher quality pipeline filled with real prospects is more important than a huge pipeline filled with deals that may never happen. 

4:01 – The hosts discuss what owners or sales managers should do when reps are struggling. Tim shares the rules he and Robb use with the sales people they manage, and Robb explains how taking a dead deal and putting it into the correct marketing campaign actually creates a better chance of the deal closing in the future.

9:58 – Tim gives an example of a deal that got taken out of his sales funnel, put back into marketing, and returned to his funnel after a long period of time.

11:13 – Robb asks Brian to jump in with what he does when he sees that a rep’s sales pipeline isn’t where it should be. Brian shares his litmus tests for whether a deal is actually going to happen or not, and how he handles the situation with his sales team.

14:43 – Robb reminds listeners that the MSP industry is tough. He gives stats that reps should be aiming for, and explains how they can never reach those numbers if their pipelines are clogged up. They also discuss the benefits of asking for the sale even when you aren’t sure whether it will close or not.

22:02 – Brian brings up the element of timing when it comes to sales in the MSP industry. The hosts also remind listeners that the prospect expects you to make the ask, so do it. They end with several great tips on how to be successful with your pipeline.


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