Episode 24

Turning the Tables ” An Interview with Robb Rogers and Tim McNeil, 
OSR Manage


Robb Rogers OSR Manage
Robb Rogers OSR Manage

MSP Business School Co-Hosts Robb and Tim also have a day job.  As partners in in OSR Manage and Virtual Sales Management provider, they help technical founders build amazing sales teams.



Brian Doyle


Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

OSR Manage

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About This Episode

Ttoday we turn the tables and interview two of MSP Business Schools Co-Hosts, Robb Rogers and Tim McNeil.  Robb and Tim started OSR Manage.  Originally started as an MSP Lead Generation company OSR has morphed into a Virtual Sales Managment juggernaut.

The OSR Manage team focuses on helping Tech Founders build winning sales teams.  Their approach which is a mix of Executive, and Sales coaching coupled with peer groups for the individual reps has helped 100’s of companies succeed in sales.






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