Episode 14

Motivation through Sales Metrics

In another live case study we analyze sales metrics and how they reflect a Rep’s sales DNA.  We analyze the work plan of a rep Brian managed that produced consistently, followed a rigid work plan, and as result the metrics became levers for keeping performance on track.

Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

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About This Episode

On this episode we do another virtual case study on using sales metrics as a source of sales rep motivation.

Brian kicks off the conversation talking about a rep he took on through an acquisition.  This rep was a textbook salesperson with a mission.  We go into how this mission will drive success

From a metrics perspective this rep was consistent, and his sales metrics reflected that consistency.  Knowing how he operated he needed less of a sales manager and more of a sales coach.  Someone to keep on track.

We discuss sales DNA and learning what a sales rep looks like based on their DNA.  Once this DNA is recognized, it becomes easy to pull the right levers to move the needle.

Robb talks about to provide reps with systems and support in the sales operations process.  What tasks should the rep own what tasks should belong to others?  We discuss how to approach this.

We then discuss the activites that are required and how you can use ConnectWise sales activity points to manage the Business Development efforts.

We also discuss one critical trait that successful sales people have and how that supplements motivation and drive.





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