Episode 38

MSP Business School Masterclass

“Why your first sales rep will fail (and why it may be your fault)”


The MSP Business School Team

Many MSP’s hire their first sales rep and expect a windfall…then are surprised when it does not work out.  In our episode today we discuss why your sales rep failed an why that may be your fault.


Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

Brian Doyle

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About This Episode


Today we discuss why so many MSP owners struggle with finding good sales people.  We focus on why it can be hard to be the only sales rep in a technician based organization.  How those resources can feel isolated and alone…especially when they hit a sale gully.

Robb begins the discussion by talking about what are the characteristics of a great sales manager and how they need to interact with their team.  He will share with you the three “F’s” in sales management and how to apply them to your team.

We then move into a talk about the metrics to measure when leading sales and how to use them to motivate and placate.  The discussion centers around how to support your sales team, identify sales time, and manage accordingly.

We close with what levers you can pull as a sales manager when things may not be working out with a sales rep and how to get them appropriate leadership and peers to feel less alone.



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