Episode 10

How does Your Management Style Change with a Remote Workforce?

With more an more staff working from home and many businesses looking at making that move permanent for their staff, we look at the impact on manage those teams and steps to take to keep everyone productive.

Hosts & Guests

Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

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About This Episode

Today’s episode focuses on a trend that been growing steadily over the last decade, the remote office workforce.  The work from home model has had steady year over year growth for quite some time, but the recent pandemic event made it a necessity.

Companies are now looking at the overall pro’s and con’s of this workforce model and many are putting in place plans to not bring many of their employees back into the office. Ultimately, for some businesses this offers the opportunity for reduced operating costs through eliminating rents.

We kick off the discussion with Robb discussing the OSR Manage approach to virtual management and how they are leveraging teams to get the team on the same page.  

Tim follows with talk around needing to increase their daily huddle call to a twice a day event to ensure all team members were on the same page and to facilitate any communication or decision making assistance that might be required.

the team discusses there individual approaches and what has been working or not working as they all grow more accustomed to remote management of staff.  

The conversation then flows into what is required for an effective remote team.  We discuss tools that are needed, how to structure business hours and staff availability, and we close with a discussion about work-life balance when home is also work.



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