Episode 142

Tyson Choptain,

Executive Vice President & Co-Founder of Broadview Networks

The Co-Managed Opportunity

by | Feb 22, 2023 | MSP


In this episode, we discussed everything from security services to cyber insurance policies, digging deeper into what’s necessary for co-managed opportunity success, and how to improve your business operations.

About This Episode

Tyson Choptain is the Executive Vice President and co-founder of Broadview Networks, a leading Managed Services and Security Solutions provider based out of Winnipeg. With more than 30 years of consulting, sales engineering, and implementation has a track record of success with technology in the workplace and providing IT solutions meeting business needs. As an entrepreneur who helped build a successful IT consulting business, his focus on business solutions has helped grow the company to be recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses and one of Manitoba’s fastest-growing companies. With a philosophy of teamwork and collaboration, Broadview attributes its success to its 30+ employees.

In this episode, we talked about The Co-Managed Opportunity.

1:48 – Tyson shares how he got started in the MSP community and how he got to where he is now. After high school, he started a computer consulting company with his father that he ran for ten years. Broadview Networks was a project-based business for the first ten years, not knowing what managed services were.

5:24 – Tyson said that they’ve had a solid Microsoft relationship the entire time, so they’ve been able to keep a very big quantity of Microsoft 365 licensing for the size of the firm. Because of several major enterprise project-based customers, we are by far the largest local Microsoft 365 dealer in the products.

7:36 – Tyson claims that when they first started offering managed services to clients without an IT department, they actually offered more co-managed services than the more common fully managed situations they now offer.

8:56 – Brian said that in reality security never goes out of style so when you start looking at things that an MSP can do in a world that’s constantly adapting and always changing over time.   

12:58 – Tim stated that Tyson just made an extremely important point. Throughout the years, they have spoken with many security professionals, and attending conferences has become extremely important. It’s just becoming more and more crucial to outsource that component of it, and not everyone has the patience for that given the amount of education, salary, and time required.

14:46 – Tyson stated that when selling to a co-managed customer, you are selling to a fully managed customer, thus not every MSP has experience in their sales staff or even how they market their services. 

17:03 – Tyson goes on to say that security is an excellent door opener for businesses, as it allows them to gain customers who previously refused managed services. This changes the customer narrative.


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