Episode 148


Huddle Up!

Revitalizing the Daily Standup Meeting


The MSP Business School Team

Ways to have an effective huddle, and keep people get engaged and focused.

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About This Episode

In this episode, the team discusses Huddle Up! Revitalizing the Daily Standup Meeting here at MSP Business School.

00:54 – Brian mentioned that many companies like to do daily stand-ups and huddles, but they are often haphazardly run and not as effective as they could be. They have a standardized process for running sales huddles with all their sales reps cascading across the US that virtually manage, but they can give insight into how to structure the huddle and make sure it is effective for all users on a call.

5:03 – Robb suggested that the role play should be divided into two parts: prospecting and objection handling. The goal is to have the participants try to get past a gatekeeper and get shut down by the gatekeeper, and then role play until one good thing is achieved.

6:36 – Tim said that the MSP Sparks have stats and figures that are easy to grasp onto, making it easier for salespersons to find the next reason why they should reach out to a company again. This helps them to have something in the back of their head to pull from when they talk to the decision-maker.

11:28 – Tim believes that role play is an effective way to self-diagnose a rep. He suggests finding a 3-minute call that is not an everyday thing, once a week or at least every other week, and listening to it. This is a good time for the rep to self-diagnose.

14:00 – Brian believes that a good morning huddle should have a conversation about what they did today, what they did yesterday, and what they accomplished yesterday. They also like the concept of mixing up content to keep people engaged, such as role play, pulling a calling, and bringing in inspirational quotes or something else to celebrate a win or dissect a loss. This will help keep people engaged and keep them focused on the task at hand.


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