Episode 144


Battling Burnout


by | Mar 7, 2023 | MSP

The MSP Business School Team

It is not uncommon to experience burnout. Managing burnout, on other hand, can be stressful. Learn about common causes of burnout, how to recognize warning signs early, and discuss ways and strategies to cope with it. 

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About This Episode

In this episode, the team discusses Battling Burnout here at MSP Business School. 

1:37 – Robb stated that burnout is a combination of factors for him, both as a business owner and as an employee. He discussed how to address this on both an employee and a company culture level, which he enjoys discussing.

3:25 – Brian also claims that burnout is usually caused by some kind of stressor, but not all stressors are the same. He has had some of his most energizing times when he worked the most hours and some of his most stressful times when he can’t figure out what to do.

7:32 – Brian suggests that when an individual is experiencing burnout, he tries to retain them by providing them with a win-win benefit such as a conference or personal training exercise. This can help them get out of the office for a couple of days.

14:06 – Brian suggests looking into yourself to identify what is causing stress and burnout in your job. It could be the people you’re working with or the person there, and it can be better if you get an action plan together to change the team’s turnover rate. This way, no word will get out and you’ll be better off for it when it’s over.

15:28 – Robb says that if you can see burnout in yourself, you can also see it in your staff. If you don’t deal with it head-on and find solutions, it will just grow worse and you’ll start having nightmares about it.


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