Episode 20

Selling Large, Service Metrics, and Peer Groups


The team looks back at some of our guests and discuss some of the key points and takeaways we gained from out experts.

by | Aug 20, 2020 | MSP Operations


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers

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About This Episode

In this episode we recap some of the highlights from our past 5 guests.  As experts in the field we have seen that each has their own approach in achieving success.  Robb, Tim, and Brian discuss what they learned and share their opinions on whether they agree or disagree.

We start with a discussion that centered around discussions with Craig Skevinington and Matthew Bookspan.  Each has experienced a large, game changing sale and each shared with us what it took to win the deal.  The biggest takeaway we learned as each put in about 100 hours of business development time to win the deal. We discuss the tactics you need to take to win a big deal and how it is not for the faint of heart.

We also talk about service models and whether of not a dedicated resource model trumps the pod model for providing support to your key clients.

We close with a discussion around peer groups and how they have helped most of the experts we met with and what they have done for our own businesses’.






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