Episode 57

Sean Lardo, OITVoIP

“The Benefits of Vendors as Partners”


by | Jun 22, 2021 | MSP Operations

Sean Lardo

Sean Lardo, the Partner Development Manager of OIT VoIP, joins us to tell the story of their transition from MSP to vendor and what the future holds for telecom-focused vendors resistant to broadening their portfolios.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Sean Lardo


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About This Episode

Sean Lardo is the VP of Partner Development at OIT, an organization that specializes in telecommunications and distributed networking. Having started as an MSP working with clients in many different industries, Sean understands the unique needs of OIT’s partners in the MSP industry. In this episode, Sean and the guys discuss how partnering with your vendors can help your MSP reap great benefits and rewards.

1:34 – Sean gives us a brief background on how OIT grew out of an MSP and into the VoIP partner and provider that they are now. He stresses that a good partnership is about the day-to-day, and talks about how OIT tries to give its partners as much info as they need to provide seamless service to their clients.

7:08 – Sean shares how OIT supports their partners, providing them with everything they might need so that partners can focus completely on their own clients. Sean explains how OIT helps their partners in all aspects of onboarding and sales, and also goes a bit further into the partner portal, explaining the vast amount of resources they create and maintain for their partners.

11:52 – The guys discuss the value of partnerships in the MSP world, particularly with how many components today’s MSP is expected to offer. Sean further outlines OIT’s relationships with its partners and what makes them so unique and successful.

19:13 – The hosts ask Sean for his thoughts on the state of the industry as the world begins to reopen after lock down. Sean stresses the amount of responsibility that now rests on MSPs and the importance of making sure your MSP is ready to handle all of the demands that a mostly hybrid workforce will bring in the coming months and years. He reminds MSP owners to create great processes and hire amazing talent.


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