Episode 67

Ryan O’Halloran
Access One

Leveraging Experience to Drive Results


by | Sep 7, 2021 | MSP Operations

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
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Ryan O’Halloran, CTO at Access One, joins us as we discuss how he relies on and utilizes his unique experiences to drive results

About This Episode

Ryan O’Halloran’s unique set of experiences, coupled with the timing of his entry into the channel, have granted him a fascinating perspective on the MSP industry. In this episode, the hosts sit down with the CTO at Access One to discuss how he leverages these factors to push the technologies that Access One uses and to drive policies and procedures.

1:40 – Ryan starts us off with a brief background on his journey to the MSP industry. He shares how starting at a telecommunications company right out of high school during a crucial inflexion point in the industry gave him a unique perspective on how to bring together old school methods and new technology.

6:01 – Brian slows everything down so we can dive into how Ryan’s experiences truly gave him a rare point of view. Ryan shares more about his approach to the MSP space and how he implements what he learned while leading a data center.

10:55 – Ryan and the hosts unpack the MSP of the future and the unprecedented shifts currently occurring in IT. They explore how the dynamic has changed now that clients are being forced to implement more and more technology and security out of necessity in order to remain relevant and competitive.

15:25 – Ryan shares about his current role as CTO at Access One and what daily and weekly interactions with clients look like right now. 

22:02 – We get a glimpse into how Access One weathered the pandemic. Ryan emphasizes that the issues we faced in the past eighteen months have been human issues, reminding us that it’s important to have a happy balance of human spirit and technology tools. He encourages listeners to share information rather than holding onto it and to continue educating their partners on everything possible.


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