Episode 23

Leigh Wood, Node IT
“How a $50K Loss Improved our Business”


Leigh Wood - Node IT
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Leigh is the Director and Owner of Node IT Solutions located in Biggleswade, England

Armed with an optimistic attitude and a can do spirit Leigh overcame a huge financial obstacle and turned it into a transformational journey for his company.

by | Sep 17, 2020 | MSP Operations


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Tim McNeil

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Leigh Wood, Node IT

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About This Episode

Leigh Wood Owner and Director of Node IT Solutions in Biggleswade, England joins us today and shares a story of persistence in the face of adversity.  We learn how when faced with a crisis that can cause a company to cease operations, Leigh and his team rose up and met the challenge head on.

Leigh starts with a conversation of his companies rise from its roots as an IT consultancy and its ultimate migraton into becoming an MSP.  Having formed Node IT Solutions with a co-founder, Leigh initially served as the lead technician.  Soon his partner left the business and Leigh began the transition from technician to the business leader holding the main responsibility for Node IT’s sales.

We then moved to a discussion of the biggest challenge that Leigh faced as a small business owner.  Returning from vacation, Leigh stepped off the plane to a text none of us would ever like to receive, a client who owed 50,000 pounds announced that they had gone out of business and that debt will never be collected.

Leigh then shares his story of the how this event forced him to look at the weaknesses in the business and his own leadership.  He discusses the steps that he and his team took to get Node IT Solutions back on track and strengthen the operation. He also shared what he did in seeking the help he personally required (and the mentor that came into his life)  so he could become a stronger leader.

We close his story with a discussion of the progress that he and his team made in recovering from this loss, and how this event prepared the company to be poised for long-term success.



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