Episode 55

Gary Jones

“When Ransomware and Automation Lead to Amazing Growth”


by | Jun 8, 2021 | MSP Operations

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
Focus Investment Banking w

For Gary Jones and VCPI, a ransomware attack a few months before the pandemic was the catalyst for a whole new approach to security.


Brian Doyle

Tim McNeil

Robb Rogers


Gary Jones


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About This Episode

You don’t often think of ransomware and growth in the same sentence, but for Gary Jones and VCPI, an attack a few months before the pandemic was the catalyst for a whole new approach to security. Add in a healthy dose of automation, and this episode is packed with unconventional ways to expand your MSP and deepen your client relationships.  

0:47 – Gary gives us a background on how both VCPI and he personally got into IT for the healthcare industry, sharing how VCPI grew out of the specific needs of one of the largest skilled nursing providers in the country two decades ago.

5:29 – Brian asks if VCPI provides 100% of the support for their clients, or if they operate on a supplemental basis. Gary breaks down how the support varies based on client size, from fully managed IT support to service desk only.

7:42 – Gary shares how identifying certain processes that could be automated has helped VCPI save their clients a lot of time on the phone, and consequently expanded the services that VCPI is able to offer. With healthcare being a truly 24/7 industry, Gary explains how automation has helped offset the difficulties of finding talent for overnight shifts.

12:19 – Gary and the hosts talk about the challenges of building company culture in a 24/7 environment. They also discuss the impacts that covid has had on VCPI, emphasizing the importance of communication.

16:01 – Gary shares about a ransomware attack experienced by VCPI that ultimately shaped the way they talk with clients about security and how they approach clients who are hesitant to implement the changes they suggest.

21:28 – Robb asks Gary to talk more about how they explain security concerns and suggestions with their clients, and Gary dives into the strategies they employ to ensure their clients understand the importance of staying on top of security measures.


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