Episode 71

Ali Imran
Boundless Digital

Automate Yourself Out of a Job

(but not really)


by | Oct 5, 2021 | MSP Operations

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Boundless Digital helps MSPs automate the deployment, troubleshooting, and overall administration of their Cisco Meraki organizations. In this episode of MSP Business School, Ali Imran shares how Boundless works tirelessly to make Meraki a better fit for MSPs.

About This Episode

Ali Imran of Boundless Digital is an automation evangelist. In this episode of MSP Business School, Ali shares how Boundless works tirelessly to make Meraki a better fit for MSPs, helping them become more efficient and more profitable.

2:20 – Ali shares his background, from studying computer science to how he joined Boundless Digital. He also shares how Boundless moved from a focus on location analytics to its current market.

4:36 – Ali dives into how Boundless acts as a partner with Cisco Meraki in helping MSPs become more efficient and profitable through automation. Brian points out that it’s a “wild time” in software, and how this is making opportunities for really creative ways to utilize data, automation, and analysis.

7:02 – Brian asks Ali how Boundless Digital goes about making themselves known to MSPs. The hosts and Ali discuss the importance of being creative in your approach from a sales point of view, and how vital it is to develop relationships with prospects, rather than just trying to make the sale.

12:11 – Tim asks what other kinds of creative ways Boundless has utilized to reach prospects, and Ali shares his brand new intro course that teaches people how to code from scratch within the context of Cisco Meraki’s APIs (the link to the course is below).

15:44 – Brian reiterates that MSPs have a tremendous opportunity to automate, sharing a story from his own experience of when he learned how to truly embrace automation rather than be worried about it putting him or others out of a job. The hosts and Ali discuss the mindset shifts that need to take place in order to understand the opportunities and expansion of jobs that automation offers rather than only seeing the potential loss of jobs that could come.

For Ali’s intro course on the fundamentals of Python and Meraki APIs, follow this link: https://go.boundlessdigital.com/meraki-api-with-python-course/registration 



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