Episode 87

Willis Cantey
Cantey Tech Consulting

Making PE Platforms Personal

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
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The CEO of Cantey Tech Consulting, Willis Cantey is redefining what it means to be a PE backed platform, looking for true partners and integration.

About This Episode

The CEO of a highly successful MSP in the southeast, Willis Cantey is looking to build a new, personal PE platform.

In this episode, Willis joins us to talk about what it’s like to be under the umbrella of a private equity organization. He shares the unique strategies they use to successfully grow Cantey Tech, how they find the new MSPs coming in, and what the opportunities are for MSPs looking to be targeted.

1:21 – Willis starts us off with a brief overview of how he got into the MSP industry, recounting many of the changes he’s seen in the channel over his career and the growing pains he and his team overcame as they expanded. Willis, Brian, and Tim discuss how MSPs should focus their services based on the market they’re in and where they’re located.

6:33 – Willis explains why responsiveness is crucial, no matter which vertical an MSP is focused on. He shares how he and his team were able to grow Cantey Tech by about 20% every year over the last 14 years.

9:50 – Willis dives into his strategies for growing visibility within your market. He, Tim, and Brian discuss the advantages of hiring true leaders rather than strictly tech people, and how developing talent within the company is often a far better method versus attempting to buy a position.

15:33 – Willis shares the latest developments for Cantey Tech, and unpacks his philosophy behind a new kind of PE backed platform that brings in other groups that truly want to be a part of it. He explains his belief that if you can get MSPs in the same area together you can create something truly special. He emphasizes the idea that “steady, consistent growth” is far more important than rushing to be the best, warning others not to grow too quickly and be unable to deliver.

26:02  – Willis gives a brief overview of the ideal prospect for joining forces with Cantey Tech, sharing the benchmarks and qualities he’s looking for in potential partners, and reiterating that he’s not interested in a quick flip; he wants to work with people who truly want to build something together.


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