Episode 75

Abe Garver
FOCUS Investment Banking

M&A Update: Momentum in 2021


Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
Focus Investment Banking w

The MSP Team Leader at FOCUS Investment Banking, Abe Garver joins us for an update on the state of M&A in the MSP industry.

About This Episode

In this very special episode of MSP Business School, we welcome back our first ever repeat guest: Abe Garver. The MSP Team Leader at FOCUS Investment Banking, Abe joins us for an update on the state of M&A in the MSP industry.

4:11 – Abe starts us off with an M&A update for the end of 2021, sharing that this year has already outpaced 2020 by well over 10% and that the trend does not seem to be slowing down at all. Abe shares stats about these deals to give us an overview of where the market is currently and where it’s headed.

9:13 – Abe shares how some owners are now getting a chance at a third bite of the apple, and the hosts join in a discussion about how going the private equity-backed route greatly accelerates an MSP’s ability to scale, build, and get recognized.

13:11 – Abe, Brian, and Tim dive into the importance of business coaches and peer groups and the roles they play in acquisitions, whether you’re the one being acquired or looking to acquire.

21:28 – Abe gives listeners insight on the eight qualities buyers are looking for in a potential acquisition, expanding heavily on the topic of customer concentration. Tim shares one of the biggest mistakes he sees MSP owners making when they come to him and Robb for sales support.

32:38 – For last thoughts, Abe leaves listeners with some insider info on which vertical is currently taking off, and Brian adds some thoughts on how to turn what was once a project-based add-on into a high value, low touch recurring contract.

39:54 – Abe leaves us with info about a very exciting deal crawl happening as part of IT Nation Connect on Thursday, November 11th. Register here: https://www.connectwise.com/theitnation/connect-na

Links for two articles Abe references in the episode:




For Abe’s first episode with us, listen here: https://mspbusinessschool.com/mergers-acquisitions/abe-garver-focus-investment-banking-what-msps-can-do-to-prepare-for-ma-in-2021/


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