Episode 80

Kevin Clune
MSP Spark

Marketing is a Marathon

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Marketing

Kevin Clune, MSP Growth Hacks
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Kevin Clune of MSP Growth Hacks joins us to share some exciting new tools that MSPs can use to gain consistency in their marketing and to tell us about his new resource and networking platform, MSP Spark.

About This Episode

We’re excited to welcome Kevin Clune of MSP Growth Hacks as our second repeat guest on this episdoe of MSP Business School. Kevin shares some exciting new tools that MSPs can use to gain consistency in their marketing and dives into his new resource and networking platform, MSP Spark.

1:31 – Kevin gives listeners a brief background on what led him to create MSP Growth Hacks and eventually MSP Spark, highlighting his desire to bring the lessons he learned running an MSP to the community at large rather than through one-on-one services.

4:06 – Kevin and the hosts discuss the challenges MSP owners face when it comes to marketing and how the key ingredient that typically gets left out is patience. Kevin uses an analogy of making a stew to talk about marketing strategy and results.

12:00 – Brian asks Kevin to break down how an MSP who’s new to marketing can jump in. Kevin shares how his new platform, MSP Spark, can help MSP owners work through challenges using their crowdsourcing method and come out with actionable steps. They also talk about SEO, how to use it the wrong way, and how to use it the right way.

19:46 – Kevin shares his favorite new tool to help MSPs create written content more easily and more consistently. He reminds listeners that when creating written content, it’s important to write for humans rather than for algorithms.

26:15  – Kevin expands beyond written content, sharing that they are now testing tools for creating visual content and are very excited with the results. He stresses that these advances in technology are tools, not solutions, and that the most important thing in marketing is still consistency. Tim uses the podcast as an example of a consistent commitment that eventually began paying off.

34:34 – Kevin goes more in-depth on MSP Spark, sharing how the platform works and the benefits of joining. He and the hosts leave us with the reminder that marketing is a marathon and patience is key.


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