Episode 91

Jimmy Hatzell

How Marketing Creates Sales at Scale

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Marketing

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
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Jimmy Hatzell of Quickpass shares how the right kind of marketing will boost your sales teams’ efforts and create sales at scale.

About This Episode

Not too many people make the leap from technical positions to the world of sales and marketing, but for Jimmy Hatzell of Quickpass, his background in IT serves as a major plus when developing content and marketing strategies.

In this episode, Jimmy shares his philosophy on marketing, explaining how the right kind of marketing will boost your sales teams’ efforts and create sales at scale.

1:46 – Jimmy starts us off by sharing his background and how he made the impressive and extremely rare transition from a technical expert with a degree in cybersecurity to a marketing director, including a stint in sales that completely changed his perspective and gave him a solid appreciation for the often unrewarding work that salespeople do.

6:31 – Jimmy shares how his technical background helps him create marketing content that resonates with the MSP community in a tangible way. He dives into his philosophy as a marketer, stressing the importance of working with and supporting the sales team, not overcomplicating things, and focusing on relationship building more than anything else.

11:46 – Brian asks Jimmy to explain what Quickpass does and how they help MSPs with cyber hygiene, both for their customers and internally in their own organizations. Jimmy gives several examples of poor cyber hygiene and how they help create an extra layer of protection.

17:43 – Jimmy, Brian, and Robb discuss the current climate when it comes to security and the MSP industry. They talk about how headlines both hurt and help the community, the receptiveness of clients to talk about security, and how MSPs are the only hope for the SMB market.

21:39 –Brian asks Jimmy what his current objective is at Quickpass and how they develop their product and service offerings. Jimmy reminds listeners that when it comes to cyber hygiene, identifying where you’re falling short and developing a plan are the most important first steps.


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