Episode 123


Compliance is Hot, How can MSPs Capitalize?


by | Oct 11, 2022 | Cybersecurity

The MSP Business School Team

There is a lot of talk about compliance, frameworks, regulations, and cyber liability in the market today.  What does it all mean, and is it an opportunity?  Join us for a discussion on how MSPs can join the conversation.

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About This Episode

This episode discusses how compliance as a service can drive new sales opportunities for your MSP.

1:22: Robb dives right into the conversation, noting a lot of talk on the conference circuit regarding Compliance as a Service. Thought leaders are focused on it, and we discuss why this has become a hot topic.

2:15: Brian begins a discussion of the differences between general compliance, frameworks, and regulatory requirements. The panel speaks to many popular frameworks and why customers need to care.

6:10: Brian shares his thoughts on overall IT Governance and why it is a vast advisory opportunity for the MSSP or MSSP.  Robb asks, “how can we make money with this”  and we discuss where it fits with prospects and clients. Sell to the pain, cyber liability insurance issues, and contract requirements.

9:07: Another driver in this conversation is the death of break-fix, and widespread cloud adoption is forcing service providers to identify new revenue sources. Brian is a big believer that advisory offers such an opportunity.

11:54: Robb asks what sales teams can do to get into this arena and try to differentiate from other services.  Brian talks about how this sits on top of the stack.  Build the human layer.

16:30: The conversation shifts to how to drive awareness and build sales and marketing traction outside of the QBR setting.

20:02: Educate your customers about the issues that can live in their supply chain.  Do you have a risk assessment, and if not, what will you do?

22:10 These services are going to drive the next generation of MSPs.




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