Episode 89

Michelle Bank

Taking the Confusion out of Cybersecurity

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Cybersecurity

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With a passion for bridging product and marketing strategy with technology, Michelle Bank is committed to ensuring her clients don’t get confused about security.

About This Episode

The Executive Vice President and Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Nuspire, Michelle Bank leads the overall success of Nuspire’s product roadmap and marketing program. She has a passion for bridging product and marketing strategy with technology and a commitment to ensuring her clients don’t get confused about security along the way.

Michelle joins us to talk about what has people perplexed in the MSSP space, why end users are confused by the alphabet soup of IT, and what MSPs and MSSPs can do to help their clients better understand cybersecurity.

1:27 – Michelle gives listeners a brief background on her professional career, sharing how she became passionate about the confusion surrounding security and how MSPs and MSSPs can minimize and eradicate that for their clients.  

5:02 – Robb asks Michelle to dive deeper into explaining the confusion she sees in the marketplace. She gives several examples of different acronyms that are not defined the same way by everyone in the industry. Robb asks her to share how she and her team work to ensure that what they call their products and services speak to the actual outcomes desired by the clients.

12:18 – Michelle explains the internal process she and her team use to name a new product or service, diving into their Message Map and what they focus on to make sure any potential confusion is eliminated.

16:48 – Robb asks Michelle what some of the biggest roadblocks have been that she’s had to face while working to fix the confusion in the marketplace. She talks about the importance of intellectual curiosity, being helpful, and not pushing products.

21:02 – Michelle takes a few moments to share with listeners some of the tools that Nuspire offers to help make their lives easier, including a self assessment inside their user portal that provides recommendations of products and services offered by Nuspire or referrals if it happens to be a service they don’t offer.



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