Episode 72

Matt Scully

Email Isn’t Dead


by | Oct 12, 2021 | Cybersecurity

Abe Garver, Focus Investment Banking
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You hear it everywhere: “email is dead,” leaving many to believe that locking down their email accounts is an unnecessary expense. Enter Matt Scully, Senior Channel Development Manager at Mailprotector.

About This Episode

According to Matt Scully of Mailprotector, 86% of people say that email is their main form of communication, meaning that many accounts out there exist in cyberspace with a large amount of info completely unprotected. In this episode, Matt shares his thoughts on email security, the state of the industry, and what he sees facing MSPs today.

1:12 – Matt shares how a little company in his hometown rescued him from the hospitality industry and a miserable commute, and jump-started his career in the MSP space. Brian and Matt discuss how bringing in people from other industries can be a huge benefit to a growing company.

7:25 – Robb asks Matt about the continued growth of Mailprotector, and whether email is actually dying or not. Matt explains why the need for email security has grown in recent years, and why Mailprotector’s security services are so strong.

9:07 – Tim asks if Mailprotector was always an MSP-focused company. Matt shares about the advisory board they use to filter any and all offerings, and he and the hosts discuss the value of advisory boards.

14:11 – Brian asks what Matt sees coming down the pipe in terms of email security. They discuss the prevalence of ransomware and the idea of cyber resiliency.

17:20 – Matt and the hosts dive into how even the most well-trained individuals can make a mistake when it comes to email security, stressing that having security measures in place is the best reputation protection.

21:21 – As a closing thought, Matt reminds listeners that caring for your business through the simple act of listening to a podcast like MSP Business School every week shows that you’re on the right track as a business owner.


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