Episode 88

Jim Lippie
SaaS Alerts

Solving for SaaS

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Cybersecurity

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Are you covering your SaaS? That’s the question Jim Lippie of SaaS Alerts wants to answer for you in this episode of MSP Business School

About This Episode

As more and more SMBs are migrating the majority of their business to the cloud, it’s up to MSPs to ensure their clients remain protected no matter the application… so, MSPs, cover your SaaS.

1:11 – Jim shares his background on how he got into the MSP industry, including his incredible journey to the position of CEO and how he shepherded a major sale to Staples.

5:47 – Jim goes into more detail on his time working as part of Staples. He stresses the importance of understanding business development and how that has served him his entire career, stating that if you understand the sales process and how to build a scalable sales engine, you have an advantage over everyone else to become a leader in your organization.

11:01 – Jim shares what he’s doing today, and how SaaS Alerts can benefit an MSP by dramatically increasing its profitability and value with its clients. He describes a poignant conversation with an MSP owner that drove him to accept the position at SaaS Alerts.

16:19 – Brian asks Jim to dive deeper into the core services that SaaS Alerts brings to the end user. Jim gives several use cases that illustrate how SaaS Alerts greatly and positively impacts the clients of MSPs, showing how they aid MSPs in truly becoming trusted advisors and thought leaders.

26:09 – Robb asks Jim to share how MSPs can get the tools for the Microsoft 365 price increase and whether they’re more effective in the hands of account managers or sales reps. They discuss the benefits to both, and Jim shares the link where MSPs can register for their upcoming webinars on February 8th, 15th, and 23rd: https://saasalerts.com/microsoft-price-increase-webinar/


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